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MRC Tech, LLC provides a variety of tech support services to fix problems and/or provide maintenance concerning your computer or mobile device.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, contact MRC Tech, LLC for assistance:

  • Slow Computer

  • Virus

  • PC not working

  • Bought new PC and want to transfer files

  • Blue Screen

  • Broken Screen on laptop

  • Data Backup and Recovery

If what you are experiencing is not on this list, contact MRC Tech, LLC for help!

Hardware Services

PC/Mac Diagnosis

Problem with your PC or Mac? Let MRC Tech, LLC take a look at it!

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PC/Mac Malware/Virus Removal

Pesky virus? System seem unstable? Let MRC Tech, LLC remove that nasty software.


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PC/Mac Tune Up

Slow computer? Web pages loading slower than expected. Let MRC Tech, LLC deep clean that machine to get you back up running optimally!


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Desktop/Laptop Physical Cleaning

Dirt, dust and grime can degrade your system's life. Let MRC Tech, LLC clean it out and restore the computer to its former glory.


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Workstation Setup

Have a new computer? Want to get rid of your old one? Confused about the different wires. Let MRC Tech, LLC ease you into your new computer by removing the old equipment and replacing it with the new.


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OS Repair/Install

Looking to upgrade to the newest operating system? Is your OS running poorly or not at all? MRC Tech, LLC can help you with that. Let's get it up and running once again!


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Technology Services Training

Want to learn about the newest tech? Got a new Smartphone and not sure how to use it? Feel free to book a consultation, so MRC Tech, LLC can help you learn and grow.


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Custom PC Builds

Want a computer that can last? Building a custom PC can do that. You have control over every part of the build process. You can design it to meet the needs of you or your company!


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Laptop Hinge Replacement

You go to open your laptop and SNAP. The hinge is not working like it should. Let  MRC Tech, LLC take a look and give you an idea of a fix.


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Laptop LCD Replacement

Believe it or not, Smartphones were not the first screens to ever break. Laptops can suffer the same fate! If this happens to you, don't overpay at the big box stores.


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Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement

Life happens - spills, kids, late nights. Keys go missing, stop working or just are stuck. Let MRC Tech, LLC revitalize that keyboard.


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Data Recovery

You backed up your system with me? Great! Let's restore those system files! Wait? You didn't? I may be able to recover those files. Let MRC Tech, LLC help you!


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Data Backup

Oh no! You lost all of your photos from vacation?! You should have backed up your computer! Let MRC Tech, LLC do it for you. It can be a one-time backup or reoccuring!


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Application Installation

Adding new or upgrading software? Not sure what all those options mean? Let MRC Tech, LLC remove the worry and wonder and install it for you - to your liking.


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