Networking Help

MRC Tech, LLC provides a variety of tech support services to setup, fix problems and/or provide maintenance concerning your home or small business network.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, contact MRC Tech, LLC for assistance:

  • Slow Internet Speed

  • Devices Disconnect

  • Want to Share files across Computers

  • Need New Ethernet Cables

  • Want more Security

If what you are experiencing is not on this list, contact MRC Tech, LLC for help!

Networking Services

Internet Speed Tests

It's not loading a fast as it used to be? We can argue with the Internet company by running a series of tests. Let me do it for you!

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Troubleshoot Network Connectivity

Signal drops. Frustration rises. Let MRC Tech, LLC figure it out.


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Networking Computers

Sharing resources between computers is why computers and networks exist. Let me set it up for you, so you can share resources like the pros do.


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Network Mapping

The network can get lost over time. Let MRC Tech, LLC map your network, so you know where your wires go and how systems work together.

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Running Network Cable

Xbox One not reaching the router? Are your cables running through and under rugs? Let MRC Tech, LLC run cables correctly, so you can enjoy your network experience.

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Termination of Cables

Whether it be RJ-45 (Ethernet) or Coaxial (Cable) lines, MRC Tech, LLC can provide this service starting at


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Wireless Router Setup

For complete set up of a wireless router, contact MRC Tech, LLC.


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Firewall Configuration

Everyone needs more protection. With increasing threats everyday, families and business need to be kept safe using latest Firewall tech.

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Security Camera DVR Setup

Use preventative maintenance at your home or small business. Install security cameras, so you can keep watch on your personal belongings. It is better to be safe than sorry!


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